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We are Arizona residents and have been providing travel services in Arizona for more than ten years. We know the state and we know the hoteliers. Our office is located in Peoria, Arizona. Since starting our business, we have helped thousands of travelers find hotels at great rates. It is our goal to provide city information and great rates on hotels, resorts and motels.

As Arizona residents, we’ve had the opportunity to visit many of the places we write about in Arizona. We have had personal experience with many of the attractions, restaurants and hotels listed on our sites. Let us know if you have questions about Arizona. We’d be glad to help you with your questions and requests.

We are an independent affiliate of Alliance Reservations Network. Alliance Reservations Network provides motel and hotel inventory to us, with the lowest rates guaranteed. We use the ARN database of over 88,000 motel and hotel properties.

Thank you for using our Flagstaff AZ Hotels website. We hope you find this site easy to use and that you find just the right accommodations for your trip.

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